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Black Light Entranced -- Rose C Carole
Black Light Entranced

Trust Betrayed -- Rose C Carole
Trust Betrayed

Catering to His Demands -- Rose C. Carole
Catering to His Demands

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After pursuing careers in publishing and catering, I have found my way back to a passion I have had since I was a lot younger—writing. As I was doing a major housecleaning, I discovered bits and pieces of unfinished works that I had created a long time ago, and I decided I wanted to explore that part of me again.

It coincided with the explosion of erotic romance, a genre I have always enjoyed reading. I think it speaks to the yearning in all of us to find someone who makes us give all we have to give, to push ourselves past our limits and to help us explore the innermost recesses of our soul. I hope my books do that for you, and that together we can explore the need that calls to us the most—the desire to be loved and cherished and to love in return.

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