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Black Light Entranced  -- Rose C. Carole

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Black Light Entranced

She’s been sexually broken for too long to be put back together now.

The last person reporter Teigen Finley expected to see at Black Light was the subject of the most important article of her career. Decked out in leathers, he compelled her attention from the stage. Mesmerized by the way he guided his subject through an erotic hypnosis demonstration, Teigen yearned for him to turn that intense focus on her.

Master Ellison couldn't resist asking Teigen to scene with him at Black Light, even with the possible conflict of interest between playing and working together. Despite her initial reticence, he detected a deeply sensual woman locked inside and suspected he was exactly the man who could draw her out to play. She was more of a challenge than he normally chose to take on but after getting just a taste of her, he couldn’t stop craving more.

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Trust Betrayed -- Rose C Carole

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Trust Betrayed by Cris Anson and Rose C. Carole

Two tortured souls need each other to heal. One soulless villain vows to destroy them both.

To escape an abusive lover, trauma nurse Vanessa flees to her late grandmother’s cottage a hundred miles away. With new friends and a new job at a rural medical center, she struggles to overcome her PTSD and her distrust of men.

Building contractor Blake lives with crushing guilt. Scarred inside and out, he didn’t trust himself anymore. After the loss of his wife, he buried himself in work, avoiding friends and family, and keeping his emotions buttoned up tight.

When they meet, Vanessa feels not pity, but empathy, on seeing Blake’s burn-scarred face. Fascinated by the moody carpenter who created such stunning work, Vanessa wants to learn more about him. And what better way than to have him work on the house she’d inherited from her grandmother. 

This cautious beginning blossoms as they reveal their inner fears and desires to each other. Can they let go of the past and find a future together?

But her former boyfriend wants her back and will stop at nothing to find her. In this cat and mouse game, lives are at stake. And time is running out.

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Catering to his Demands Rose C Carole

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Catering to his Demands  -- Out Now.
Book 3 in the Kitchen Confessions series

Sam has lost faith in relationships and love. Will Mike be able to crack open her hard shell and teach her to feel again?

As a part owner of Catered Affairs, Sam is a leader in the kitchen, advising the chefs about food, friends and lovers. But as her friends find Doms—and love—Sam stays steadfastly opposed to anything but one-night play scenes, never allowing a Dom to get to know who she really is deep inside.

Mike, a private investigator, is intrigued by the beautiful yet haughty sub, but he’s not interested in a superficial relationship. He becomes fully invested in anyone he plays with, giving them his rapt attention—and expecting it in return. His years in the Special Forces—and a near-death experience—has taught him to treasure every moment in life.

One night, Mike entices Sam into a scene. Through a combination of absolute control and perfectly delivered pain, he takes the staunch masochist to places she has never achieved before, making her unable to resist playing with him again. Every time they meet, Mike pushes her further, laying bare her innermost desires. But Mike finds that Sam’s reluctance to commit keeps pushing back.

As Mike starts to discover why Sam is hesitant to trust anyone, he becomes more determined to shatter her defenses and show her what real surrender to the right Dom can provide her. But a dangerous job for an old Special Forces buddy threatens to put a damper on his efforts. Can their budding relationship survive his need to protect the daughter of a friend?

This book can be read as a standalone.

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Catering to His Desires -- Rose C. Carole

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Catering to His Desires -- Out Now.
Book 2 in the Kitchen Confessions series

Mya believed she didn’t deserve love. Jake thought he could never love again. Then a threat to Mya’s life galvanizes Jake’s protective instincts—and opens his heart.

Mya has finally escaped the slums she grew up in and made a life for herself as a chef in the Catered Affairs kitchen, but she has never been able to shed the feelings of inadequacy that were beaten into her by her alcoholic father. So she stays in the shadows, the quintessential voyeur at the Playground, the BDSM club she belongs to.

Jake is attracted to Mya’s beauty when he spies her across the dungeon at the Playground. But he’s only looking for a play partner for the evening. Ever since he lost his wife in a car crash, he hasn’t been able to commit to anyone again.

After a disastrous evening at the club, where Jake pushes Mya out of her comfort zone, it looks like Mya and Jake will not even be friends. But dangerous circumstances push them back together, and Mya must rely on Jake to keep her safe. When a stupid mistake puts her in terrible jeopardy, will Jake be able to come to her rescue in time?

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Catering to His Needs -- Rose C Carole

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Catering to His Needs
Book 1 of the Kitchen Confessions series
Published by Totally Bound

Ethan is at his wit’s end. Gina, his brother’s ex-wife, has threatened to reveal that Ethan is a member of the Playground, an exclusive BDSM club, unless she gets more alimony from the family trust fund. The scandal that would arise from such a revelation must be avoided at all costs--not only for the sake of Ethan’s reputation, but for the future of his relationship with his treasured sub, Rebecca. 

Rebecca is a single mother working hard to expand her catering business. The only peace she finds from her building stress is in the handcuffs of her strong Dom, Ethan. But Rebecca’s life is not her own. Her teenage son is not handling Rebecca’s divorce well, and Rebecca feels the responsibility for her son’s happiness like a weight on her shoulders. Between her business and her son, she has little time for herself--or the growing emotional demands from her Dom.

Ethan is determined to take their relationship to the next level, and Rebecca is equally determined not to upset her son further by revealing that she has a new man in her life. Fortunately, Ethan is a Dom with a passionate interest in seeing that his sub is happy--even if he has to whip some sense into her. He’s making progress until suddenly his own problems take a turn for the worse. His brother Zach has gone missing under suspicious circumstances and now it’s all Ethan can do just to keep himself out of jail. The cat, as they say, is out of the bag.

As their lives spiral out of control, will Ethan and Rebecca be able to find a way back into each other’s arms?

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His Domain -- Rose C Carole

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His Domain -- Anthology


'The Prize' by Ashe Barker
A night to remember…

'Devious Tactics' by Katy Swann
She’s been caught in his playroom. Should she leave or should she resort to devious tactics to get what she wants?

'An Intimate Friendship' by Rosalie Stanton
A simple request.A single night. A relationship changed forever.

'Unconventional' by Lucy Felthouse
Penny’s being punished for doing something stupid. But will her punishment turn out to be the best-ever reward?

'Maid' by Anarie Brady
Alice, far from horrified by her new boss’ methods of discipline, embraces a new job, a new lifestyle and a new relationship.

'The Auction' by Rose C. Carole
When David puts his sub Jenna up for auction, they both get more than they bargained for.

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