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Black Light Entranced -- Rose C Carole
Black Light Entranced

Trust Betrayed -- Rose C Carole
Trust Betrayed

Catering to His Demands -- Rose C. Carole
Catering to His Demands

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Catering to His Desires -- Rose C. Carole

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Catering to His Desires -- Out on May 2, available for early download April 4 at Totallybound.com
Book 2 in the Kitchen Confessions series

Mya believed she didn’t deserve love. Jake thought he could never love again. Then a threat to Mya’s life galvanizes Jake’s protective instincts—and opens his heart.

Mya has finally escaped the slums she grew up in and made a life for herself as a chef in the Catered Affairs kitchen, but she has never been able to shed the feelings of inadequacy that were beaten into her by her alcoholic father. So she stays in the shadows, the quintessential voyeur at the Playground, the BDSM club she belongs to.

Jake is attracted to Mya’s beauty when he spies her across the dungeon at the Playground. But he’s only looking for a play partner for the evening. Ever since he lost his wife in a car crash, he hasn’t been able to commit to anyone again.

After a disastrous evening at the club, where Jake pushes Mya out of her comfort zone, it looks like Mya and Jake will not even be friends. But dangerous circumstances push them back together, and Mya must rely on Jake to keep her safe. When a stupid mistake puts her in terrible jeopardy, will Jake be able to come to her rescue in time?

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Excerpt from Catering to His Desires

“Would you to scene with me this evening, Mya?”

Her eyes shuttered immediately and her shoulders rose once again. Dammit!

“I prefer to watch,” she responded, once again in that low thin voice of insecurity. 

“You don’t want to try anything you see going on around you? I’m not sure I believe that, Mya. You know you’re not supposed to lie to a Dom.”

She blushed prettilyHe held out his hand as he would to a puppy that didn’t know him and let her come to him. Indecision was written all over her face. Did she have no inkling how easy it was to read her? Finally, she reached out and took his hand. He closed his fingers over hers and placed his thumb over the pulse point on her wrist and asked his question again.

“Is there anything you’d like to try, Mya?”

Her pulse sped up, as he’d suspected it would.

“Tell me.”

Her eyes dropped to regard their clasped hands. He cupped his fingers under her chin and raised her head.

“Look at me, Mya, and tell me the truth. What would you like to try?” He wasn’t going to let her off the hook.

“All of it,” she whispered.



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